Raptors vs. 76ers Game 7 most watched NBA game ever in Canada

Unsurprisingly, the most viewership came as Kawhi Leonard won the game for the Raptors

Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard

Rogers has announced that Sunday night’s Game 7 of the NBA playoffs between the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers was the most watched NBA game ever in Canada.

Specifically, the telecom giant says 5.8 million Canadians watched some or all of the game on its Sportsnet channel, with a record-breaking average of 2.2 million viewers tuning in at some point.

According to Rogers, the game’s peak audience of 3.8 million Canadians came at 9:33pm ET when Kawhi Leonard made the final shot that won the game for the Raptors. In a nail-bitingly close match, the Raptors ended up winning 92-90.

Rogers broadcast the game through Sportsnet TV channels and its Sportsnet Now streaming service, although specific numbers per viewing method have not been revealed.

The Raptors will next play in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks at 8pm ET on May 15th. Rogers will air the game on Sportsnet TV channels and Sportsnet Now.

Image credit: Toronto Raptors

Source: Sportsnet