New Android Q feature lets you toggle on and off your device’s sensors

Android Q has a useful new feature hidden within the developer settings that lets you toggle on and off a handset’s sensors. This might not seem helpful, but developers can use the toggle to simulate conditions for an app they’re creating.

According to Android Police, when the sensors are off, the camera, accelerometer, proximity sensor do not work. AP has also confirmed that the toggle does not affect the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Once enabled, developers can find the toggle within the ‘Quick Settings.’

To enable it, navigate to ‘Settings’ then ‘Developer options,’ and lastly ‘Quick settings developer tiles.’ and look for ‘Sensors off.’ For those who don’t know, to enable ‘Developer options’ tap the device’s build number seven times.

‘Sensors off’ will only work if you’re using Android Q Beta 3. 

Source: Android Police