Dropbox wants to make finding things easy with a new ‘Suggested’ section

Dropbox is hoping to make search easier for users with a new ‘Suggested for you’ section at the top of the website.

When you sign into the Dropbox website, you’ll see the new section with a list of files and folders Dropbox thinks you’ll be looking for.

The app uses a mix of machine learning, recent account activity and who you work with. Dropbox hopes that its Suggested feature will save users having to search for things.

The new feature comes as part of Dropbox’s DBXi initiative and takes advantage of custom-built capabilities it’s developed over the last few years.

Further, Dropbox says its machine learning platform will improve over time. In other words, the more you use Dropbox, the better it gets.

Suggested for you will roll out to the Dropbox website over the coming weeks. The company notes that, since it’s based on your activity, you may not see it right away if you don’t use the service often.