Microsoft Edge Canary updates brings page translation feature

Microsoft Edge on Android

The Microsoft Edge Insider Canary channel recently added a new feature that can translate pages.

According to Windows Central, users can activate this feature within the settings menu, alongside the ability to select any translation preferences.

The feature was previously available to some Canary testers, however, not all of them. Now, the functionality is rolling out to more users. Similar to Chrome, Edge will now translate when it detects the webpage features another language.

To enable the feature, the user will need to be using Edge Insider Canary build, then type ‘edge://flags’ in the address bar. Following that, search the flags page for ‘Translate’ and toggle the feature to ‘Enabled’. This will ask the user to restart the browser.

After restarting Edge, users can open up the ‘Settings’ menu and click on the ‘Language’ section and add specific languages preferences. Additionally, users can choose to have Edge translate any page that you don’t read.

Source: Windows Central