Revenu Quebec support number actually connects callers to ‘hottest chat line in town’

The agency is helping people in a completely different way than intended

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Revenu Quebec is best known for being Quebec’s provincial revenue agency, but it is now taking on another responsibility — matchmaking.

Some Quebecers are reporting that income-related documents they’ve obtained from Revenu Quebec list a support number that actually directs them to a chat line for singles.

In an interview with the CBC, Gatineau resident Jean-François Dorais said his partner’s alimony statements listed a number that plays a message saying it’s the “hottest chat line in town.”

According to Stéphane Dion, director of public relations at Revenu Quebec, this number should not have been on the documents. Dion said it is an old number that has since been reassigned to the company that owns the chat line.

“We are really sorry,” Dion told CBC. “It’s a situation that we will investigate to be sure that this kind of case doesn’t happen again.”

It’s unclear exactly how many people have received Revenu Quebec documentation with this incorrect number. However, given that tax season can be particularly stressful, maybe a little bit of love is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Image credit: Pexels — Rawpixel

Source: CBC