Play Store testing reveals simultaneous app downloads and ‘Internal app sharing’ toggle

Google Play Store icon on Android phone

Google is A/B testing a few updates for the Play Store.

One of the updates allows the Play Store to download multiple apps at the same time. So instead of having multiple apps in the queue, waiting for one to install after another, they will all install simultaneously.

Google is pushing out this update server side, which means it’s impossible to force it and some users will see it on their device before others.

There’s now an ‘Internal app sharing’ toggle on the Play Store. This is the internal test channel that, according to Android Police, is usually meant for developers in large companies so they’re able to test apps among their team. The toggle lets users “download and install test versions apps that are shared with you,” according to the page.

To allow this feature, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and down towards ‘Play Store version’ and tap it approximately five times.

Play Protect has a new interface and is now separated into two pages. The settings to scan the device and improve app detection is now on a different page accessible via the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner of the page.

Lastly, within the Play Store’s Movies & TV section, you can now filter by ‘Channels’. In the U.S., however, it reads ‘Networks’ instead of ‘Channels.’ Android Police mentions that they’re unsure when Google implemented this change.

Source: Android Police