PlayStation 4 owners, you can finally change your online ID


PlayStation 4 Pro

Starting today, PlayStation 4 owners can finally change their online PlayStation Network IDs.

Sony started testing the oft-requested feature last October. It’s now available via the PlayStation 4, as well as any web browser that can access the company’s PlayStation Network website.

The first ID change is free.

Afterwards, each subsequent ID change costs $9.99 CAD. For PlayStation Plus members, the price of the service is $4.99 per ID change instead.

Additionally, PS4 owners can revert to their original ID — as long as it doesn’t violate Sony’s terms of service — for free as many times as they wish. Sony says other PlayStation 4 users won’t be able to take your original ID, even if you’re not using it currently.

To change your online ID on the PlayStation 4, open the PS4’s Settings menu and select “Account Management,” then “Account Information,” then “Profile,” then finally “Online ID. Enter the online ID of your choice and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the ID change.

The feature is fully compatible with any game released on or after April 1st, 2018. Sony says a small minority of games it has not tested may not support a user changing their online ID.

For more information, visit Sony’s PlayStation Blog.

Source: Sony