Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers are available to download, will not help your phone fold

Crease not included

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and want wallpapers that won’t really fit on any smartphone but the Fold, XDA Developers has your back.

All eight of the Galaxy Fold’s stock Samsung wallpapers are now available to download. Each wallpaper features an image of a butterfly in different colours, with the inkblot-like red, yellow, purple and blue variant being the most interesting of the bunch.

Galaxy Fold

Above is an example of the Fold’s wallpapers, but XDA Developers has all of them available on its site, including both static and animated versions.

All of the wallpapers seem designed specifically to show off the Galaxy Fold’s folding display, hence the butterfly wings.

More information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Canadian release is expected to be revealed later this month. The foldable device’s price comes to $1,980 USD, which is roughly $2,628 CAD. Final Canadian pricing for the Galaxy Fold hasn’t been revealed yet.

Source: XDA Developers