Spotify is testing a new two-person Premium subscription

Spotify is testing a new Premium Duo subscription that gives two individuals separate Premium accounts for the single price of €12.49.

Duo is currently available in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland, and is available to both existing and new Spotify users — though both users must live in the same residence. Spotify said that it doesn’t “have anything further to share about launching Premium Duo in other markets,” which includes Canada.

Primarily designed as a way to reduce password sharing, Premium Duo is cheaper than buying two separate Premium accounts. It’s also more affordable than sharing a family plan among just two individuals. It also includes a computer-generated Duo Mix playlist that contains tracks that both account holders enjoy, as well as the ability to easily share saved music with one another.

In a statement to Engadget, a Spotify spokesperson said: “The pilot for Premium Duo is part of Spotify’s commitment to continuously explore new ways to improve the Premium experience.”

The company added, “We routinely run a number of pilots and programs to improve our user experience, which can pave the path for broader changes to our product or just give us important learnings.”

Source: Spotify Via: Engadget