Square’s Invoices app offers financing tools to Canadian businesses

Payment company Square has launched the Square Invoices app, which will offer Canadian businesses a self-serve tool to create, manage and send digital invoices from anywhere.

The app, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play, will allow businesses to get paid quickly and easily. This removes the need to have to wait to receive a manual invoice or physical cheque in the mail.

According to Square, more than half of the invoices it processes are the same day, a process which will be made even faster through the Invoices app.

Invoices also lets businesses send professional estimates or confirm details of future jobs either in-app or on desktop.

“The way we do business is changing; not everyone works from an office and small businesses need the flexibility to handle core processes like invoicing on the go,” said Alyssa Henry, seller lead at Square, in a press statement. “With the Square Invoices app, small business owners are able to get paid remotely and access their funds quickly and securely.”