Walmart Canada offering free Diablo III Eternal Collection with Nintendo Switch purchase

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Nintendo Switch

If you listen to the SyrupCast frequently, you’ll know we’re huge fans of the Nintendo Switch here at MobileSyrup.

This is why we wanted to share what we think is a pretty sweet deal.

Walmart Canada, everyone’s favourite source for gaming leaks, has created a new Nintendo Switch bundle in which you can get the console, in either ‘Grey‘ or ‘Neon,’ and a copy of Blizzard’s excellent Diablo III Eternal Collection for $379.96. Essentially, this means you get Diablo III, typically priced at $75 in Canada, for free.

Diablo III is an isometric action RPG in which you can create a character from one of seven pre-determined classes and then embark on a quest to stop the titular Lord of Terror. The game is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Diablo 2, which is still a fan favourite even after almost 20 years.

The Eternal Collection includes the original Diablo III, released back in 2012, as well as both Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansion packs. Additionally, there are a couple of fun, Nintendo-themed in-game bonuses, such as a Triforce portrait frame.