Fizz Mobile ending introductory pricing in April as it preps for full launch

Fizz is going to fully launch its platform


Fizz Mobile, the discount carrier from Vidéotron, announced that it is launching its full service in April.

Fizz operates in Quebec and parts of Ottawa, Ontario and provides both wireless and home internet services.

The introductory period was initially scheduled to end on December 19th, 2018, but the carrier extended the date for unknown reasons. The speculation to the extension was possibly due to the laundry list of complaints Fizz users had as the carrier worked out its growing pains.

Now Fizz is sharing some of its full launch information, noting,  “the exact date will be communicated with enough lead time to allow you to order your SIM card and activate your mobile line with us.”

When this happens, active users will not have to change plans unless they decide to sign up on another offer.

For reference, the introductory pricing starts at $17 per month for 2GB of data. While the initial pricing is still in effect users can get a 10GB plan with unlimited calling and texting with Canada-wide coverage for $43.

Source: Fizz Mobile