LG G8 ThinQ will reportedly cost $1200 in Canada

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The 128GB LG G8 ThinQ will cost $1200 off contract in Canada, according to a new leak.

The leak comes courtesy of Reddit user ‘livedadevil,’ who shared a screenshot of their retailer’s backend, showing the price of the upcoming handset.

To put the potential price of the G8 in perspective, its predecessor, the G7 ThinQ, costs $1049 off contract at most Canadian carriers. However, it’s possible to get the phone for as much as $0 outright depending on the two-year term consumers sign.

All in all, based on what we know about the G8 going into Mobile World Congress, the event later this month in which LG is likely to announce the smartphone, the phone will probably be a hard sell for most Canadian consumers.

Source: Reddit