Instagram could soon roll out easier multiple account linking

This was found in the Android alpha APK files

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

Instagram is prototyping a new feature that will make it easier to link and manage multiple account, according to TechCrunch.

Using the new feature, Instagram users with multiple accounts will be able to designate a main account, which they’ll be able to log into using one email and password. In turn, this will log them into all their other accounts.

TechCrunch found code referencing “Account Linking” after receiving a tip from leaker Ishan Agarwal. The snippet describes the feature as a way to “quickly and securely log in to all of your Instagram accounts with one ID and password.”

The code also states that “your accounts will remain separate but logging in will be fast and simple.”

This makes managing different Instagram accounts more convenient since you don’t need to remember multiple passwords to log into all of your accounts.

Earlier in January, Instagram released a ‘regram’ feature that allowed posting to different accounts at the same time.

Source: TechCrunch