Competition Bureau urges B.C. ride-sharing regulators to play fair

The Competition Bureau seems worried that B.C. might impose too many rules on Uber and Lyft when they launch in Canada's Western-most province.

The Competition Bureau of Canada is sharing recommendations for British Columbia’s ride-sharing regulators while the province prepares to allow Uber and Lyft on the West coast.

As B.C. gets closer to allowing ride-sharing companies to operate within the province, the Bureau is urging policymakers to facilitate healthy competition by not over-regulating the industry.

The recommendations dial in on four specific topics. The first recommendation asks B.C. to keep things as fair as possible between ride-sharing and Taxis. The next proposal asks the policymakers to let drivers define their own area of service, instead of keeping them within a designated area.

The final two recommendations request that market forces determine how many drivers can be on the road at a time, and the cost of the service.

“The Bureau believes that applying these recommendations will increase competition in the B.C. ride-hailing industry. Increased competition generally leads to more innovative products, lower prices, and higher quality services,” said Matthew Boswell the bureau’s interim commissioner of competition, in the Bureau’s press release.

You can find the Bureau’s full report on ride-sharing in B.C. here.

Source: Competition Bureau Canada