Check out Netflix’s new cinematic logo animation

A small but welcome change

On Friday, Netflix’s See What’s Next Twitter account shared a short video showcasing the company’s new logo animation.

The first section of the animation and accompanying sound remain more or less unchanged. However, after the red ribbon-like line turns into an N, the camera zooms into the iconic red N, adding depth, colour and movement to the animation.

Netflix says the new animation “shows the spectrum of stories, languages, fans, & creators that make Netflix beautiful.”

Starting today, the new animation will play alongside all new and upcoming Netflix originals. Moreover, Netflix plans to retroactively add it to older original series and movies over the coming months.

The company also sent out a second tweet to give viewers a better understanding of the design language of the new animation.

Netflix told Fast Company that it has been working on the new logo, in collaboration with an outside marketing agency, for almost two years.

The company added that one of its goals was to make its new animation feel cinematic like HBO’s pre-show logo.

Source: Netflix, Fast Company Via: The Verge