Fido offers $300 bill credit with iPhone X purchase to former customers

Rogers flanker brand Fido has launched two limited-time winback offers aimed at former subscribers.

The rate plans, first spotted by RedFlagDeals member ‘RFDler,’ feature 5GB and 10GB monthly data buckets priced at $60- and $75-per-month, respectively.

In addition, as part of the promotion, Fido is offering a $300 bill credit, applied in the second month of a new two-year contract, with the purchase of an iPhone X smartphone. With the base model iPhone X, the bill credit effectively reduces the outright cost of the phone to $99.

Moreover, as with all Pulse plans, the two promo offers unlimited Canada-wide calling and Fido Roam.

To reiterate, this is a winback offer; to take advantage, you’ll need to have been a Fido customer recently.

Source: RedFlagDeals