Facebook internal memo addresses Apple developer certificate block: report

Facebook employees are reportedly upset because the company’s internal iOS apps no longer work

Facebook app

Facebook’s vice president of product engineering and security Pedro Canahuati issued an internal memo on Wednesday instructing employees to download public versions of the Menlo Park social networking giant’s iOS apps, following Apple’s decision to rescind Facebook’s enterprise developer program certificate.

According to a January 30th, 2019 Business Insider report, Facebook is aware of a “known issue with our internal, employee only, iOS apps.”

“Apple has revoked our enterprise certificates, which means our internal, employee only iOS apps may not work,” reads an excerpt from Canahuati’s memo, obtained by Business Insider.

Not only does the Apple block affect internal versions of apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook iOS app, Cupertino’s developer certificate revocation has also affected internal apps like ‘Mobile Home’ and ‘Ride.’

According to Business Insider, Mobile Home “provides employee information,” while Ride “deals with public transportation.”

Canahuati’s memo also stated that Facebook is “working closely with Apple to reinstate our most critical internal apps immediately.”

In the meantime, Business Insider reported that work inside Facebook has ground to a halt and employees are “pissed,” according to internal Facebook sources who spoke with the publication.

Source: Business Insider