Rogers’ updated online banking website plagued with issues at launch

Rogers' latest website isn't leaving customers happy

A user on Rogers’ Community Forums has shared that they’re experiencing a lot of issues with the latest update for the Rogers Online Banking website.

Users who have a Rogers or Fido Mastercard can use the website to check their banking information and rewards points balance.

The update has reportedly caused issues with the website, and users ‘Resident Expert’ and forum member ’57’ said that some features have disappeared.

The original poster says they can no longer expand their transactions to see what time they happened or if there was an exchange rate attached to the payment.

Oddly enough, the ‘My Rewards’ section is missing from the site, and a Rogers support agent has responded to say it’s been disabled for the time being. Rogers has reached out and specified that Rogers’ Mastercard subscribers can access their rewards through the Mastercard Pay with Rewards app. 

Further, the user is unable to send messages inside the app and all of their older messages and service requests are missing from it as well.

When the user reached out to Rogers’ digital assistant Ruby, they received the message “We launched our new Online Banking experience for our customers today.  We have come across a few temporary performance issues, but our IT teams are aware and are working on a fix.”

Source: Rogers Forums