YouTube testing new type of recommendations on web and mobile

The feature is currently only being tested among a small number of users

YouTube is currently testing a new form of recommendations on the web and mobile that will suggest new videos to users based on various categories of content.

As first reported by The Verge, a “small set of people” are now seeing blue bubbles appear under the video player that offer more specific recommendations than the suggested videos that display off to the side.

In a screenshot obtained by The Verge, a commentary video on MMA brought up the following recommendation categories: ‘all,’ ‘recommended for you,’ ‘related videos by topic,’ and ‘related videos by channels.’

The categories are fairly self-explanatory. Recommended for you will bring up videos based on the users specific viewing patterns, while recommended videos by topic and channels will show related videos from other channels.

It remains to be seen if these recommendations will roll out to a wider audience.

Via: The Verge