New technology platform to ramp gigabit networks to 10 gigabit speeds

Several cable companies, including Rogers and Shaw, are working to implement the new technologies

On Monday, three companies announced a new partnership at CES 2019 and shared the cable industry’s plan to deliver 10 gigabit (Gb) wireline networks.

Dubbed 10G, the Internet and Television Association (NCTA), CableLabs and Cable Europe have a new platform of technologies that will help ramp up current 1Gbps networks to 10Gbps.

Further, Intel will support the roll-out of 10G with 10Gbps ready network infrastructure technology.

Several cable operators around the world are working to implement the new 10G initiative, including Rogers and Shaw Communications in Canada. Lab trials are already underway, and field trials are expected to begin in 2020.

10G will leverage existing 1Gb network infrastructure and upgrade it with several new technologies. Further, 10G promises lower latency, higher capacity and greater security alongside faster speeds.

“CableLabs creates the technology that supports the deployment of high-capacity broadband networks and gigabit services at scale for the industry,” said the company’s president and CEO, Phil McKinney.

To learn more about the CloudLabs technologies behind 10G, you can see a comprehensive list on its website.

Overall, 10G is an exciting prospect that’s still a distant reality. Gigabit internet is still relatively new in Canada and has yet to become the norm. That said, I find the potential of 10G exciting, and I’m looking forward to testing it when it does come to Canada.

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