Glitch causing iOS App Store ratings and reviews to disappear

iPhone XR

A glitch in Apple’s iOS App Store is causing ratings and reviews to disappear from specific apps.

The issue, which was first reported by The Apple Post and then subsequently 9to5Mac, involves ratings, reviews and in certain cases, developer comments disappearing. Some developers are also seeing a random decline in star ratings.

Freelance iOS developer Mike Irving (@mikeirvingweb) was one of the first developers to tweet about the issue.

It’s unclear if the issue is related to a glitch of some sort, or if Apple is intentionally purging older ratings as a result of a new App Store algorithm gone amiss.

Even developers with apps released in the last six months have reported their app ratings disappearing, indicating the issue is likely caused by an unintentional glitch on Apple’s part.

The problem seems to currently be affecting a number of apps in the iOS App Store. If you’re a developer and information related to your app has vanished from the app store, let us know in the comment section or reach out to @Patrick_ORourke on Twitter.

Update 12/17/2018 1:41pm: Story updated with additional information regarding how widespread the issue is.

Source: The Apple Post9to5Mac Via: MacRumors