Fuchsia SDK and ‘device’ now included in Android Open Source Project

We could see support for building Fuchsia software included in the tools to create Android apps

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Fuchsia, Google’s future OS project, is getting more connected to Android. The search giant has added two Fuchsia items to its Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code.

A new commit posted to the AOSP Gerrit — an online code collaboration and management tool — added two Fuchsia ‘repos’ to the primary ‘manifest’ of AOSP.

In other words, developers added two Fuchsia files to the instructions that tell Google’s download tool ‘Repo’ what to include when a user downloads AOSP. Further, for those unfamiliar with AOSP, it’s a compilation of Android made available for anyone to use.

While there are several different AOSP manifests available, Google added the Fuchsia files to the ‘default’ manifest. Going forward, anyone who downloads AOSP will download the Fuchsia files as well.

However, the two Fushcia repos are empty. Save for speculation based on the file names, there’s no way to tell what the repos do.

The first repo, titled ‘platform/prebuilts/fuchsia_sdk,’ suggests Googe will add the official software development kit (SDK) for building Fuchsia software to AOSP.

Another Gerrit post confirms the Fuchsia SDK is on its way.

The other, arguably more interesting repo is titled ‘device/google/fuchsia.’ This indicates a ‘device’ of some sort from Google that will run on the new OS but will also need access to Android’s code-base.

This could be an emulation device. Android code contains devices like ‘device/generic/goldfish’ created to run as an emulated device for testing purposes.

Combined with the recent report that Google’s Android Emulator — included with Android Studio — would support the new OS, it seems likely this Fuchsia device will allow developers to test software built with the Fuchsia SDK using tools they already have.

Source: Android Gerrit, 2 Via: 9to5 Google