Microsoft could have plans to release an Xbox One without a disc drive in 2019

Though Microsoft is likely hard at work on whatever it has planned for a next-generation Xbox console, there are rumours that a third Xbox One hardware refresh could still be on the way.

According to Thurrott’s sources, Microsoft could be planning a new version of the Xbox One for release in 2019 that doesn’t include a disc drive. This will reportedly lower the console’s overall cost by as much as $100, though it would also mean that the system isn’t capable of playing physical games or Blu-ray movies.

Microsoft is also reportedly planning a ‘disc-to-digital’ exchange program that would allow users to turn physical games into download codes, though it remains unclear how exactly this process would work.

The console will look like a revised version of the smaller Xbox One S, according to Thurrott’s sources.

Given Microsoft’s original digital game-focused launch strategy for the Xbox One, this move definitely isn’t surprising, particularly as purchasing games digitally becomes increasingly common.

Microsoft’s next-gen ‘Scarlett’ consoles reportedly won’t be released until 2020, according to various reports. The tech giant is also working on a game streaming service currently codenamed Project xCloud.

We’ll likely learn more about this rumoured disc-less Xbox console in the coming months.

Source: Thurrott