Sony drops theme support for the Xperia XZ3 due to low usage

Other Sony devices upgraded to Android Pie will keep the theme feature

Sony is dropping theme support for its XZ3 flagship.

According to a post on the company’s support webpage, Sony removed the ability to apply themes from the XZ3 due to “low usage.”

Further, the company notes in the post that users can still download wallpapers from the Play Store — and presumably, anywhere else you download wallpapers.

Users can apply live wallpapers from themes as well, but won’t include all of a theme’s animations and local assets.

Interestingly, the support page also notes that devices upgraded to Pie will still have themes. Considering that the XZ3 has Pie out of the box, this likely refers to other Sony devices.

However, that also means future devices likely won’t have theming capabilities.

Source: Sony Via: Android Police, Xperia Blog