Snapchat launches Snap Originals, 12 exclusive shows on the app

Snapchat is investing in its own content

Snapchat is making an effort to diversify its content offerings by bringing 12 new scripted TV-esque shows to the platform.

The shows range from genres like comedy and drama to formats such as documentaries and reality TV. Snapchat has had daily shows and other content that lends itself to web-based video for over two years, but now the company is looking to expand into entertainment television with a new slate of video content.

The most interesting aspect about the shows is that they’ll play when your phone is in portrait mode, just like the rest of the content on Snapchat. In the trailer for the new material, it looks like the shows use overlayed graphics and other modern video elements as well.

The trailer looks cool on the web, but watching it on Snapchat gives you a better feel for what the content will look like when being played vertically on a phone.

To find the trailer in the app just search Snap Originals and it appears.

Users will also be able to step inside their favourite shows with the new AR Snapchat Lenses that are being used to promote the shows.

The shows are being monetized through short three to six-second ads, says Snapchat. According to TechCrunch, the company is running its most considerable marketing effort yet to date to bring attention to the new content.

Source: Snap Inc Via: TechCrunch