Kobo updates iOS app with Apple CarPlay support

The Kobo app extends to another platform

The Kobo audiobook app’s latest update adds the ability to listen to titles in the car using Apple’s CarPlay.

IOS users previously had to use Apple Books or Audible to manually load a book into iTunes or another third-party app to listen to stories while driving.

In the Kobo app’s update notes, it mentions that users need to make sure the book they want to listen to is downloaded before they get into their vehicles, otherwise the title won’t appear.

While in CarPlay mode, the Kobo app displays a list of saved books. When a user selects a title, it opens in the usual CarPlay playback display.

Rather than showing skip forward and back buttons, however, CarPlay displays 10-second skip-forward and skip-back buttons instead.

For users looking to test out the new features — but who also need some book recommendations for what to listen to — Kobo has put together a list of great books for road trips here. 

iOS users can download the free app here.

Source: Kobo