Apple reportedly looking into iPhone XS and XS Max LTE connectivity issues

Although Apple has yet to issue an official statement on the matter, it looks like the company is actively looking into reports regarding the LTE connectivity issues some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are experiencing.

According to one iPhone XS Max owner, Apple is currently reaching out to users that have reported experiencing LTE problems with their new devices.

In one instance, Apple asked Devin Meredith (@Devmer11) to install a baseband logger to track his iPhone XS’ cellular connection. Reports regarding Apple’s outreach program related to LTE connection issues have emerged on Twitter, as well as through Apple-focused publications like MacRumors.

Those affected by the LTE issues are reporting fewer service bars and experiencing poorer signal reception with the iPhone XS and XS Max when compared to the iPhone X, though the problem doesn’t seem to be affecting every user.

Some have speculated that Apple’s most recent iOS 12.1 beta improves the signal issue, though whether this is true remains unclear.

When MobileSyrup first reported on the iPhone XS and XS Max LTE issues, many readers reached out to us on Twitter and through our site’s comment section citing similar connectivity issues, though the issue doesn’t seem to be as widespread as it is in the U.S.

Let’s talk about reception on the Xs/Xs Max… from r/iphone

For what it’s worth, my signal experience with the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS has been solid using a Telus SIM.

Using Ookla’s speed test iOS app with the iPhone X and Telus as my carrier, I ended up with 131Mbps download and 27.3Mbps upload with the iPhone X. When running the same Telus speed test with the iPhone XS, the results indicated 167Mbps download and 41Mbps upload, a surprisingly substantial jump in speed.

Via: MacRumors