Everyone Can Create books aim to teach the nuances of Apple’s creativity app suite

Apple's new educational books aim to teach you how to use your iOS device to its full potential

Apple Books

Apple has published four new books under the moniker ‘Everyone Can Create’ to help iOS users discover creative ways to use the iPad

Each free book focuses on different creative fields such as photography, video, drawing and music. All of the books are available downloaded for free through Apple’s Books app.

Apple is presenting these guides as a follow up to its ‘Everyone Can Code’ initiative. The company views the books as a resource for educators since they’re full of lessons and projects that teach creative digital skills.

For example, the Music book features lessons about GarageBand for the iPad. Lessons range from how to use ‘Live Loop,’ to how to manipulate a project in post-production.

Both the photography and the video books touch on various interesting compositions the iPad’s camera is capable of creating.

The books were developed through collaboration between educators and creative professionals, according to Apple. There’s also a teacher’s guide that includes 300 lessons that aim to help educators integrate the books into existing lesson plans.

All of the books are available in English, with Apple stating that more languages will arrive in 2018.

Users can download ‘Everyone Can Create’ Music, Photo, Drawing and Video for free.