Google Maps commute tab will make getting to work easier

You'll also be able to control Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music within Maps

Google Maps app icon

Google is pushing out more features to Maps, including a new commute tab that aims to make getting to work easier.

The commute tab gives users quick access to live traffic and transit information. It also lets you know if your commute will be average, or if you’ll need more time because of an accident or heavy traffic. If there is a delay, it can help provide you with alternate routes.

Furthermore, Android users will receive notifications about delays and disruptions as they happen. This should help users avoid delays as before they get caught in them.

Commute tab in Google Maps

Maps will also support mixed-transit commutes. For example, if you drive, take the train and walk, the commute tab will provide helpful information about each leg of the trip. You’ll see traffic on your drive, information about the next train departure and how long the walk is to your office. Plus, Maps will calculate the ETA so you can anticipate when you’ll arrive.

On top of all this, transit riders in 80 regions worldwide will be able to see real-time transit locations on the map. Waiting for a bus? You’ll be able to see the next one coming. We’ve reached out to Google to see if there are any Canadian regions included in the starting 80.

Google Maps live transit

Additionally, Google partnered with Transport New South Wales in Sydney, Australia to show bus and train capacity to Maps users. Google says these features are coming to more cities around the world soon.

Finally, Google Maps is also making Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music available within the app. This will make it easy for you to control your music or podcasts without leaving Maps on your commute.

The new features will be rolling out to Android and iOS this week. Keep an eye on the Play Store and App Store for a Maps app update.

Google Maps recently received new group planning features, photo browsing options in the Explore tab and support for Apple CarPlay.

Source: Google Via: Engadget