Chrome users will be able to opt out of new sign-in functionality

Chrome will also get a new UI that makes it easy to see sync status

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Following an outcry over changes to sign-ins in Chrome 69, Google is adding an option to change things back.

Starting in Chrome 70, which is slated to come out in mid-October, users will be able to disconnect Chrome sign-in from Google sign-in. In other words, things will work as they did before Chrome 69. When you sign into a Google website, Chrome won’t log you in as well.

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Furthermore, the development team will update the UI to communicate sync status better. This was one of the main complaints levelled against Chrome.

If users wanted to find out if Chrome was syncing data, the interface wasn’t clear about that information. Worse, it was easy for users to turn sync on accidentally.

Chrome sign-in status

Finally, Google will adjust how Chrome handles authentication cookies (auth cookies). Currently, Chrome keeps auth cookies so that you can stay signed in after clearing cookies. However, Chrome will no longer do this, meaning clearing cookies will sign you out.

Ultimately, it’s good to see Google listening to its users and making these adjustments. However, Google’s motives behind the change to sign-in functionality are still unclear.

Chrome product manager Zach Koch emphasized that the change makes it easier for users to see their sign-in status on shared devices. However, some have argued the change doesn’t address the real problem.

Regardless, users will be able to choose how they want Chrome to handle sign-in when the next version comes out.

Source: Google