Reigns: Kings and Queens is now available on the Nintendo Switch

Reigns: Kings and Queens, a new co-operative version of the Android, iOS and PC release of Reigns, is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

The game combines stories from the original Reigns and its sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty, to create a co-operative experience that can be played by two players. The game gives players the ability to either rule with an iron first or to become a monarch of the people, all while balancing the responsibilities of governing a virtual kingdom.

Reigns: Her Majesty combines gameplay featured in a classic text adventure with a simple Tinder-inspired swipe left or right interface.

This means that just like in the mobile version of Reigns, you’ll answer to a never-ending string of requests from various advisors, peasants, allies and of course, enemies, in your attempt to maintain control over your kingdom.

Reigns: Kings and Queens is available now for $7.99 in the Nintendo Switch eShop.