Google may change ‘Incognito mode’ to ‘Private mode’

A new name wouldn't make Incognito more private

Incognito mode on Android

It looks like Google is testing a change to its Chrome browser’s ‘Incognito mode’ that would rename the feature ‘Private mode.’

The browsing mode lets users surf the web without saving history, cookies and form inputs. Many browsers have a similar browsing mode, and in most, it’s called Private mode.

The test appears to be server-side and only shows up for some users.

Ultimately, this kind of change doesn’t make much sense to me. Private mode would be a more straightforward name for the feature. However, it’s more of a misnomer than Incognito mode.

While the feature doesn’t save history and other session data to your computer, it doesn’t mean its private. Your internet service provider can still see the traffic, for example.

Furthermore, a recent study revealed that Google can still track users regardless if they use Incognito mode.

Unless Google is planning significant changes to Incognito mode to accompany the new name, I don’t think its worth the switch.

Besides, most Chrome users are comfortable with the Incognito title and changing it to Private may confuse users.

Source: Android Police