iPhone XS and XS Max feature 4GB of RAM, 2,658mAh and 3,174mAh batteries

iPhone XS Max

With the iPhone’s September 21st release date quickly approaching, some questions remain about Apple’s latest pair of flagship smartphones, even as reviews continue to make their way online.

For instance, given Apple’s reluctance to talk specifically about some technical specifications, it’s been unclear what battery capacities the new phones have, as well as how much RAM is in each device.

Now, thanks to a regulatory filing from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (TENAA), we finally know the iPhone XS and XS Max’s battery sizes, as well as a confirmation of RAM, corroborating earlier benchmarks.

The iPhone XS features a 2,658mAh battery, while the iPhone XS Max includes a 3,174mAh power source, resulting in the Max featuring the largest battery capacity of any iPhone to date. Given my battery life experience with both smartphones was generally the same, this battery capacity seems to make sense.

Interestingly, given that the iPhone X reportedly features a 2,716mAh battery, this means that the XS includes a power source that is approximately 2.2 percent smaller when compared to its predecessor.

Finally, the iPhone XR features a battery that comes in at 2,942mAh, according to the TENAA regulatory filing.

The filings also confirm that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature 4GB of RAM, confirming benchmarks I ran myself with Geekbench’s iOS app. The XR, on the other hand, includes 3GB of RAM. This is compared to the 3GB of RAM featured in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus and 2GB or RAM in the iPhone 8.

TENAA is China’s version of the U.S.’ FCC. MacRumors says that TENNA filings have a history of being accurate.

Source: Mydrivers Via: MacRumors