Waze begins privately testing CarPlay in iOS 12

It seems unlikely that the app will be ready for iOS 12's release

One of the most exciting announcements at the Apple iPad event in March was the addition of third-party navigation apps to CarPlay.

This change meant that in the future CarPlay users could take advantage of Waze, Google Maps and more in the car, instead of just Apple Maps.

Waze is currently testing out the CarPlay compatibility in its private beta program, according to 9to5Mac. Since the CarPlay feature just became beta ready, it seems unlikely that Waze’s CarPlay functionality will be ready by Monday’s iOS 12 launch.

On Twitter, Waze responded to a user who asked when the feature was coming out. The company said, “more information will roll out in the coming weeks.” This tweet was posted on September 13th, so it seems more likely that Waze is targeting a launch window later in the year.

The other big English mapping service is Google Maps, but the search giant has been keeping its cards pretty close to its chest when it comes to CarPlay information.

According to 9to5Mac, developers can use their own map software and design, but they’re restricted in how contextual information appears. This lets developers offer their service, but it should still work in a predictably Apple type of way.

Apple Maps running in CarPlay on the left and Sygic Maps on the right.

The offline mapping company Sygic teased a screenshot of what its maps app looks like running in CarPlay, and it’s very similar to how Apple Maps looks.

It seems that iOS users will still have to use Apple Maps in CarPlay for a few more weeks as Google and Waze get their apps ready for Apple’s in-car interface.

Source: 9to5Mac