Apple continues to hide its AirPower wireless charging mat

Yet another Apple conference with no AirPower

AirPower charging pad

Cupertino computing giant Apple used its September 12th, 2018 ‘Gather Round’ event to announce a slew of new products, but the company’s AirPower wireless charging mat continues to be a no-show.

For those who don’t know, Apple first announced the AirPower mat at last year’s iPhone X event. At the time, the charging mat was touted as a wireless charger that was capable of charging an iPhone, an Apple Watch and an AirPods charging case all at once.

However, as Apple continued to hold press events and major conferences, it became apparent that the company had little intention of speaking about the AirPower mat.

As of September 12th, Apple has hosted yet another major product unveiling without mentioning or even hinting at the AirPower charging mat.

It’s worth noting that the last major report concerning Apple’s wireless charging mat was released in June 2018.

At the time, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said that multiple technical challenges can be attributed for the product’s delay.

Gurman added that the AirPower charging mat was expected to ship before the end of September 2018 at the latest. Considering that Apple failed to bring up its prodigal wireless charging product, Gurman’s expectations are almost certainly not going to come to fruition.