Apple to launch global web portal to process law enforcement requests


Apple has announced that it will soon launch a global web portal for processing data requests from law enforcement officers.

The Cupertino computing giant also confirmed plans to build a team of professionals dedicated to training law enforcement officers. An accompanying online training module is also in the works. Apple says the goal behind this program is to better connect with smaller police forces and agencies that may not have the level of resources of their larger counterparts.

Apple’s current system for processing data requests requires law enforcement agencies to message a designated Apple email account. As a result, the new web portal is seen as a more convenient and effective hub for managing a variety of requests.

While the initiatives will streamline the process of submitting and monitoring the status of requests, Apple’s policies on what kind of data it will divulge appear to remain unchanged. For example, Apple will not open a backdoor into the iPhone, even for the FBI, as revealed following the 2016 shooting in San Bernardino, California.

According to a letter obtained by MacRumors, Apple’s new law enforcement initiatives are a direct response to recommendations from a recent report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Source: MacRumors