Google rolls back Messages update with dark mode and redesign

Android Messages app icon

The rumoured dark mode for Android Messages made a brief appearance over the weekend. Update version 3.5 for Messages brought a Material redesign plus the aforementioned dark mode.

However, as quickly as the update came, it was gone again. Google rolled back the update almost immediately for an unknown reason. Furthermore, it seems the changes reverted regardless if you updated through the Play Store.

A number of Reddit users noted that the dark mode and Material design disappeared. One user noticed their app changed in the few seconds they spent reading the Reddit thread.

While we don’t know why exactly Google chose to roll back the update, it likely was due to a bug or other issue.

The Material design look is consistent with other Google apps. Namely, that’s a white background with grey or black text and blue accents.

The dark mode is an inversion of that look. Grey background, white text and blue accents.

The new design did look nice. It was also more modern feeling. Hopefully Google fixes whatever issue caused them to revert the change soon.

Source: Reddit Via: 9to5Google