Instagram adds new ‘Questions’ sticker to enable Q&A’s in stories

Instagram app on iPhone

Instagram has introduced a new ‘questions’ sticker, allowing you to engage in Q&A sessions with your followers.

To start a Q&A, create a new story with a photo, open the sticker section and select the new ‘Questions’ button. From there, you can submit a prompt to start a Q&A and place it anywhere in the story. Once shared, your followers will be able to respond with their questions as many times as they want by tapping the sticker in the story.

Your friends’ questions will be listed in your story’s viewers list. Tap any question they’ve asked to create a new story in which you can give an answer. The original question will appear in this new story for context. While you’ll be able to see the profiles of each person who has participated in the Q&A, other users will only be able to see the questions that have been asked.

Instagram question stickers

Questions are now available on Instagram for Android and iOS.

The questions sticker is part of a larger effort from Instagram to drive engagement through its stories feature. In October 2017, Instagram added polls to stories, while an ’emoji slider’ was introduced in May 2018 to allow users to give more specific answers to questions depending on where they’ve placed an emoji on a bar.

Source: Instagram