Apple unveils ARKit 2 with new Lego experience at WWDC 2018

Apple ARKit 2 Lego

Apple has officially revealed ARKit 2, the second iteration of its augmented reality platform.

Taking the stage at WWDC 2018, senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi revealed a number of improvements that comes with ARKit 2, including:

  • improved face tracking
  • realistic rendering
  • 3D object detection
  • persistent experience
  • shared experiences

To demonstrate the new features of ARKit 2, Martin Sanders, director of innovation at Lego, revealed ‘Lego Assembly Square,’ a new Lego experience playable in augmented reality.

In Lego Assembly Square, up to four people will be able to play with Lego characters in the same real space. Players will be able to add Lego characters to the real world to interact with. In the demo, Sanders added miscellaneous vehicles, mini figures and even Lego Batman himself.

Once an in-game building caught fire, a second player added a fire truck to the world to put out the flames in real-time, while Sanders used a helicopter to save the people trapped inside.