Free-to-play ‘Pokémon Quest’ coming to mobile in June

Alola and Kanto Pokémon

Pokémon Quest, the newest release from The Pokémon Company, is coming to mobile late next month.

The cuboid Pokémon game saw a free-to-play release on the Nintendo Switch last night. The company hinted at a mobile version too and announced it would be available towards the end of June this morning. Quest will see an iOS and Android release.

The game looks to be a great fit for mobile. The UI is full of big, touchable buttons and the gameplay is simple yet addictive.

Quest is likely unlike any game you’ve played. The game drops you on Tumblecube Island, an island full of wonderfully square Pokémon. Once you pick one out, it will navigate the island and automatically battle other Pokémon.

Each Pokémon has a some special moves the player can activate to hit enemies with a more powerful attack. Players can enhance these skills by collecting Power Stones, which look to be obtained from defeating enemies.

The game also allows players to collect more Pokémon and expand their team. You’ll have to cook up tasty treats to lure in new Pokémon.

Additionally, players can decorate their Base Camp. The decorations provide bonuses to Pokémon.

It’s not clear what type of monetization the game will have yet. If the Switch version is anything to go by, there will be a number of content-packs ranging from $6.29 to $22.69 CAD. While these don’t appear to be necessary to play the game, in typical free-to-play fashion the add-ons make certain aspects of the game faster and easier.

Either way, the game should do well with casual and hardcore fans alike. It will likely be popular with kids, drawing them in with cute voxel graphics and an easy gameplay experience.

Via: Android Police