Bell and Telus follow Rogers and unveil Manitoba double data promo plans

Manitoba is where it's at for data plans. Time to move?


It looks like Manitoba is quickly becoming a hotbed for wireless competition. The reason for the ramp-up in activity could be the recent Bell/MTS merger, or the pending launch of Xplornet’s wireless service.

Late last week, Rogers unveiled a $70/20GB and a $80/30GB Manitoba-only Share Everything plan promo plan for new and existing customers.

As expected, rival carriers Telus and Bell have both launched competing plan that offers up a similar double data promos.

Telus has a 10 + 10 GB (total of 20GB data) for $30 per month, and a 20+20 GB (total of 40GB of data) for $55 per month. This includes unlimited text and picture messaging, Caller ID & Voicemail 25. However, what is extra is the price of calling, which starts off at $35 per month for unlimited Manitoba calling, and for $5 more per month you can get unlimited nationwide calling.

As for Bell, the carrier’s new offering has that gives new and existing customers double data on its 10GB, 15GB and 20GB data plans, which are priced at $30, $40 and $55 per month respectively.

This jacks up the data to 20GB, 30GB and 40GB per month. Calling is on top of this for unlimited Canada calling for $40 per month, while unlimited Manitoba calling is $35 per month. As usual, Bell includes call display, voicemail, conference calling and call waiting.

Both Telus and Bell promo plans bring the total cost between $65 to $95 per month for up to 40GB of data.