Nintendo launches cheaper Switch bundle in Japan that doesn’t include a dock [Update]

Nintendo Switch

Update 28/05/2018 10:43am ET: Nintendo has confirmed that the dock-less bundle will not be sold in North America.

Nintendo is selling a more affordable Switch bundle in Japan that doesn’t include the dock that allows the console to connect to a television, as well as other accessories.

The system’s ‘Switch 2nd Unit Set’ is designed for households that already have a Switch hooked up to the family television and don’t need a second dock, but will also likely appeal to players that plan to use the console as just a handheld gaming device.

The bundle, which comes in at 24,980-yen (about $294 CAD), includes the Switch, two Joy-con controllers and two Joy-con wrist strap attachments, knocking about $100 CAD off the console’s regular price.

Along with the dock, this particular Switch bundle also doesn’t include a Joy-con grip, HDMI cable, or even a charging brick. That said, the Switch is compatible with generic USB-C chargers. You could also even pick up a third-party dock if you happen to decide you want to plug the console into a television, though Nintendo recently warned consumers about the potential dangers of unofficial Nintendo Switch docks.

Right now this console bundle is only being sold in Japan, but it’s likely Nintendo will bring it to North America in some capacity in the future.

While most purchasing the Switch are likely also interested in docking the console and playing it on a television, giving those that want to only use the system as a dedicated portable device a more affordable option, is definitely an interesting move on Nintendo’s part.

Source: Nintendo Via: The Verge