Samsung announces two new Galaxy S9 and S9+colours

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in new Sunrise Gold and Burgundy Red colours

Starting later this year, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available in two new colours, ‘sunrise gold’ and ‘burgundy red’, Samsung announced today.

The company will start selling the S9 and S9+ in burgundy red in Korea and China starting later this month. The sunrise gold variant, meanwhile, is slated to make its way to Austrailia, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea and Russia, among other markets. Samsung promises “additional market availability” soon, so there’s a chance Canadian carriers will pick up the gold model.

When news of the burgundy red S9 first appeared online, MobileSyrup asked Samsung if it planned to bring the model to Canada. The company said:

“Thank you for your interest in Samsung Canada. We are pleased to confirm that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are available for Canadian consumers in two eye-catching colours, Lilac Purple and Titanium Grey. At this time, additional colour variants are limited to select international markets. We will be sure to provide updates as they are made available.”

The S9 and S9+ sunrise gold colour variants are the first Samsung devices to feature a satin gloss finish, according to the company.

Previously, the S9 and S9+ were available in four colours — midnight black, titanium gray, coral blue and lilac purple. In Canada, the majority of carriers sell the gray and purple models.

Source: Samsung