Presto is releasing a 12-month pass for unlimited TTC rides

Presto is moving further into TTC territory

Presto has released a new way to pay for unlimited TTC rides: a year-long pass with monthly fees.

The card costs the same as the current Metropass Discount Plan but will also let users travel on Go Transit and other regional transit authorities that use Presto cards. Riders will have to load money onto their card for the trips with Go Transit or other regional transit authorities, as per usual.

Users will be able to add this feature to their existing Presto card or start a new account.A black version of the presto card

To set up this feature, users will need to agree to a 12-month contract with the TTC that costs $134 a month. Currently there is only a plan for adults, but different pricing will soon be available for youth and senior level cards.

Using this presto card will save users who don’t have a year-long plan about $12 a month, according to the TTC.

Users who sign up for a new card will also get the newly-designed black Presto card, which does look a little more slick than the old green design.

Source: Toronto Transit Commission