Tesla’s Model 3 is now shipping to Canada

A Kingston driver is the first Canadian to own a Model 3

Tesla Model 3 on road

Tesla’s Model 3 variant has finally started shipping to Canada.

In the company’s first international delivery, a driver in Kingston, Ontario received a pre-ordered Model 3.

The car’s trim is the same as the variants that have been sold in the U.S. so far. The car comes with rear-wheel drive, a long-range battery and premium interior.

It is worth noting that this is just a few weeks before Tesla plans to start taking orders for other trims such as the dual motor all-wheel drive and performance models.

Model 3s have been in short supply due to a few production bottlenecks. The company has been working hard to fix its issues and it now it seems it might soon hit full production.

For other Ontarians looking into buying a Model 3 now that the car is starting to ship here — note that there is extra incentive in the form of a $14,000 rebate from the Ontario Government. 

Source: Model 3 Owners Club, Engadget