Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos leaves Fortnite tomorrow

Dread it... run from it... destiny still arrives...

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos throws moon

Developer Epic Games has announced that its Avengers: Infinity War crossover event in Fortnite will end tomorrow, May 15th.

Originally kicked off on May 8th, the ‘Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup’ has given Fortnite players the chance to play as Thanos, the villain of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.

In the special gameplay mode, Thanos’ all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet — which in the movies has the power to instantly wipe out trillions of living beings — will spawn at random points in the map. The player who manages to snag the Gauntlet will turn into Thanos himself, equipped with Infinity Stone-enhanced abilities and all.

Thanos is available in all versions of Fortnite — PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and iOS.

While the crossover may seem odd at first, it actually makes sense, given how massive these two entertainment properties are. Infinity War, which hit theatres on April 27th, is already the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time, bringing in over $1.6 billion worldwide and counting.

Fortnite is a similar giant in the gaming industry, attracting millions of players around the world — Canadian rapper Drake included.

Discussions to include Thanos in Fortnite actually came about due to Infinity War co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo being big fans of the game. Last week, the brothers told Entertainment Weekly that they would often play the game in between editing the film, leading them to reach out to Epic Games to make a crossover happen.

While Thanos will be snapping his way out of the game soon, here’s hoping that Fortnite crosses over with other big pop-culture franchises sometime in the future.

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Via: IGN