Android P seems to have added fingerprint gestures to YouTube

YouTube app on Android

As Android users have gotten their hands on the beta for Android P, increasing numbers of potential features for the OS are being revealed.

Now, users are discovering what appears to be fingerprint gestures in the YouTube app on devices running Android P.

According to a recent Google Pixel Reddit thread, those playing videos in the YouTube app are able to tap their fingers on the scanner to bring up a media control overlay.

YouTube supporting fingerprint gestures? from GooglePixel

Based on the comments, however, it doesn’t seem that not all Google Pixel owners can access the feature. Some say they are able to on their 2016 Pixel XL, while others say they have the same phone but are unable to.

It’s also unclear if the feature is only available on Pixel devices at the moment or if it will work on other Android devices.

Do you own a phone running Android P? If so, are you able to use fingerprint gestures in the YouTube app? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit