Google Home Max is getting an update that fixes 3.5mm-out audio latency problem

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max is set to soon get an update that fixes audio latency issues, according to a report stemming from The Next Web.

When content is played through the speaker’s 3.5mm port, such as a record player or other external audio device, lag is noticeable in some situations. While this might not be an issue in most situations, if you happen to have your Home Max connected to a TV, the sound is slightly delayed with the video.

Google says that an update set to hit the Home Max by the end of the month will fix this issue by reducing line-in delay from 550 to 39 milliseconds, reducing latency by a total of 93 percent.

Google Home Max product manager Chris Chan sent the following statement to The Next Web:

“In launching Max, we knew that a vast majority of users would love using the Google Assistant to stream their favourite artist or album. We also learned that many users enjoyed using line-in to bring their personal collections to life. This performance improvement makes Max an even more frictionless experience for those plugging in their record player, smartphone or other audio source.”

The Google Home Max is set to make its way to Canada on May 16th for $499. We’ll have more on Google’s high-end speaker in the coming days, including a full review.

Source: The Next Web