Visa is rolling out its direct feature to businesses in Canada

Businesses will soon ba bale to send payments instantly

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Visa Canada announced today that its Visa Direct feature will become available to businesses in Canada.

Visa Direct is a kind of e-transfer method that uses Visa’s proprietary technology. According to a Visa Canada press release, it will help transform the way businesses send secure payments to consumers in Canada.

The platform is launching in a partnership with Telus Health and Peoples Payment Solutions. Visa is marketing this as a way for businesses to pay employees or other people on their payroll like free-lance workers much more quickly.

“Expanding Visa Direct in Canada is an important milestone in our journey to transform the way consumers and businesses around the world pay each other,” said Brian Weiner, vice president and head of product at Visa Canada.

According to the press release this technology will be able to help Telus Health speed up payments so customers can get their money right away instead of having to wait multiple business days for it.

Currently, this feature works with Visa-branded debit cards and is an expansion on the person to person payments that have been available in Canada since 2013.

Source: Visa Canada